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Bonne Chance is a cycle road racing team in Iida City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. President of Bonne Chance is Shinichi Fukushima, who is a manager of NIPPO VINI FANTINI.

What is “Bonne Chance”?

“Bonne Chance” is French that means “Good Luck”. Whenever Shinichi Fukushima was sent out to the races in France, everyone cheered for him with “Bonne Chance!”.   So he decided to name his team after the words “Bonne Chance”.

Bonne Chance just offers the riders opportunities,  it’s all up to them whether make or break any chances.  Shinichi Fukushima would like to nurture and train young riders  who take advantage of any chances.  He would not give every possible help.

He hopes that the riders will be professional and grow up as persons with international minded.


  • compete in the domestic and international cycle road race
  • develop riders in France
  • teach students (school kids, Junior High and High School) riding techniques in the race
  • develop a curriculum for each category

Establishment & History

Daihatsu Bonne Chance

2003-Apr Yukiya Arashiro joined the team
2005-Jan Daihatsu Motor became the main sponsor
2008-Jun Ryohei Komori won Japan Road race

Bonne Chance Iida

2010-Feb Kabuchan-Nouen of Kefir Group became the main sponsor
2010-Feb Bonne Chance Kids & Youth established


Team cars in France


Omar Dome

2011-Mar Tourist Bureau, Taiwan became the main sponsor

Bonne Chance


Kamimura Dome

2013-Mar Bonne Chance Ehime Arancia established
2013-May Bonne Chance Club established
2013-May Bonne Chance Kamimura Dome opened
2013-Oct President: Shinichi Fukushima retired
2016-Mar Omar Dome opened
2016-Mar Koji Fukushima (Aizawa) assumed an international coach
2017-Jan Bonne Chance Higashimatsuyama (in Saitama pref.)

Kamimura Dome

Bonne Chance Higashimatsuyama

Omar Dome


President Shinichi Fukushima
Team Manager Takahiko Hino(President of River Monster)
Coach Koji Fukushima(Aizawa)(Bonne Chance Higashimatsuyama)
Advisor Yukiya Arashiro(BahrainMerida
Advisor Jiro Hayashi (Kitakyushu Cycle Sports Association)
Mechanic Yasuhiro Yamasaki(cicro-ipcilon)
Sports Pharmacist, Junior Athlete Food Meister Kei Higuchi (Chugai Pharmaceutical)
Manager(Business) Miki Yamamoto(President of Grosha)
Fotographer Nobuyuki Takahashi(ICC IIDA Core Collage)
Public Relations Kazuhito Aiyama
Secretary general・Manager of Kamimura Dome Niro Fukushima(Bonne Chance)
Accounting Yakuko Fukushima(Bonne Chance)
Youth & Kids President Michio Suzuki(Camper’s Village)
Youth & Kids Team Manager Satoshi Shiroma
Youth & Kids Coach Toshihiro Miyashita
Youth & Kids Advisor Atsushi Maruyama


Yakiya Arashiro
Kohei Yamamoto
Seiko Kikuchi
Ryohei Komori
Tanzo Tokuda

Official Song

Bonne Chance!     Song:Ichigoan   Lyric/Music:Shuji Kato

Cheering Song

自転車に乗って(Riding a bicycle)    Song:Ichigoan   Lyric:Ichigo/Music:Shuji Katoh


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